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Frequently Asked Questions?

Have some questions your not sure about? We have answered some of our most asked questions below to help you when scrapping your vehicle.

What do I need when scrapping my vehicle?

All we need on collection is : YOUR V5 (log book) , Vehicle Keys , Locking wheel nut (should you have one) , and to see 1 form of I.D (To complete your vehicle sales receipt and other relevant paperwork).


How do you value my vehicle?

We value all vehicles on the weight  and pay accordingly so the heavier or bigger your vehicle the more money you will receive.

We are currently paying excellent prices on petrol vehicles due to them containing certain different metal grades.


How do I get paid?

Due to new legislation we can no longer pay cash for scrap vehicles , So its quick and easy we now offer either bank transfer or cheque on collection. Its your choice.


What if I have lost my V5 or Keys?

Not to worry we only need one of the above to take your vehicle , we just need to be told before collection so we can process your vehicle accordingly.

No V5? We need you to sign a vehicle sales receipt and we process your vehicle using the chassis number on the vehicle not V5.

No Keys? This is more tricky as we have to bring tools along with us to gain access to the car should it be locked and to help steering the vehicle onto the transporter.


My vehicle isn't complete / has no wheels can you still collect this?

 Yes we can (the price may decrease depending on what has been removed) and we will need telling before we arrive , so we can bring equipment with us to remove your vehicle. 

I've booked my car in for collection what do I need to do?

Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle and for Vans please make sure the back is free of all waste ETC.


Why Choose us?

We offer a honest ,reliable and professional service. We collect all vehicles ourselves and have our own team who contact our customers ( WE DO NOT SELL DETAILS ONTO 'COLLECTION AGENTS', PLEASE BE WARY OF COMPANIES THAT DO THIS) as you may end up with a lot of phone calls unexpectedly .

We have the right vehicles for the job ensuring your car is removed correctly.

We also guarantee our price for 7 days even if the scrap market decreases , and always pay what we quote.

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